Pets FAQ

Pets FAQ

Advice for taking rabbit to the ?
i am taking cookie our mini lop to the vet tomorrow for a checkup and neuter. he has never been earlier and i wonder how best to take him to the vet. i do have a proper cat/rabbit carrying case but will he be ok contained by…

Advice On Baby Chinchillas?
My mom is going to get me a Chinchilla probably around this week for an early Christmas present. So, today the subject Chinchilla come up, and she told me she had seen a sign that said “Baby Chinchillas for sale” and then a phone number. She’s gonna…

Advice on sludge contained by rabbits?
I have a female rabbit who has immediately had a sludge problem 3 times. She has been put on a drip etc which seem to work for a couple of months but i was wondering if anybody else has any other counsel to help me to…

Advice on socializing a chinchilla?
I got my chinchilla about 2 months ago. She is very curious and loves getting into nearly anything.Only one problem,she wont let me or any other of my family pick her up or hold her. I am not really positive how to pick her up the exact…

Advice, please..i enjoy too copious pets, and they over run this house. I don’t know where on earth to start.?
No jerks please. I am and always have be and still am a very dedicated pet owner. I love them all equally, and make available them all they deserve. However..i am running out of money fast, I run my own pet sitting business so income is never…

Advice, please..i enjoy too heaps pets, and they over run this house. I don’t know where on earth to start.?
No jerks please. I am and always have be and still am a very dedicated pet owner. I love them all equally, and furnish them all they deserve. However..i am running out of money fast, I run my own pet sitting business so income is never regular….

Advise for crushed up child silver quail?
ok we got some silver quails quite a while wager on and they layed eggs which hatched. we had 8 little babies. 3 of them disappeared overnight but they were external and we figured that a mouse or something got to them. so we brought the babies…

Advise Please roughly speaking my 8 week antediluvian bunny who isnt intake anything at adjectives. Just inevitability some support please. gratitude ?
Hello, ive got an 8 week old bunny and im a bit concerned as she hasn’t been consumption for the past 2 days. I introduced her last week into my existing bunnies cage and theyve be great together,having cuddles and licking eachother. However shes not eating ANYTHING…

African Pygmy Hedgehog (10 Points )?
African Pygmy Hedgehog (10 Points )How much are they and what is everything I need for it? Do they make good pets? please furnish me some facts on them for a chance to win 10 Points!

African pygmy hedgehog breeders surrounded by the UK?
I’m looking for private breeders of APH’s in the UK, preferably Scotland or Northern England. Anybody know of any?No dumb replies like “You cant keep hedgehogs as pets” because you can. Thanks!

After a mare give birth what should you tender her?
Grain? Hay? Bran mash? Mineral supplements?

After courses of antibiotics – My rabbits poo is still runny?
It’s not the normal little balls of poo – It’s coming out almost equal texture and look as a human poo and is constantly getting stuck on her feet and fur.We’ve been to the vet twice and have done different courses of antibiotic, but it still hasn’t…

After tapeworms go an animals body can they hatch into bugs that bite you?
Because I think they have and they are finding places to hide within my furniture and bite me. Drink up my blood, yuck. I got hives from it. After the tapeworms leave my cat’s body sometimes they stick to her fur and they look…

After worming my pet I notice lots of worms contained by his stool for several days after. Is this average?
I recently got a new puppy. I notice he had worms after having to clean up after another burglary accident. I gave him worm medicine and notice over the next several day every time he went to the “bathroom” his stools are full of worms. Is this…

Aggressive Goat Issues?
We have a Buck Angora Goat who lives by himself on our farm.We bought him as a baby, and he is very soon fully grown , probably 5 or 6 years old. He isn’t castrated and is fully horned.Over the years he had become more and more…

Aggressive staffy around children and newborn child on the bearing?
I have a 7 year old staffy who we rescued from 8 months old, he doesnt close to small children, so when i have young visitors i own to put him away so there is no contact. Im about to donate birth and am extremely worried if…

Ain’t it nice to own your pets greet you when you seize domestic?
We love ours and can’t wait to see them !!

Alfalfa Hay For Rabbit?
I knew that hay is one of important diet for rabbit so I have to find it no event how although I know that hay is very limited in my country,Malaysia.After 3 months looking for it,I finally found it.But no timothy and hold only A.hay..Is my rabbit…

All around horse osteopathy ?
can someone tell me what it is, what you need to be good at whether you want to work as one and do you get paid much?I know its something that you give horses massage and therapies but any other details?anyone works as that?

All in the region of horses, tack and breeds?
Hi im hollie im almost thirteen and im around 5ft 1i ride at stables and my parents said they might buy me a horse.im not sure about an arabian but my dad loves those.i close to big horses like shire and Clydesdale’s but could control one (apparently)what…

All my rabbits are losing spine on their back?
I have five rabbits, two mixed breeds and three mini rex. All three of them are shedding terribly just above their butts. It’s coming out surrounded by chunks! I know they shed often twice a year, but this has been going on for months!…

All Natural Pet Products?
Hey everyone. we are a small company that deals with a few All Natural Pet products but are looking to expand. We want to see all kind of all natural products such as food, collars, beds, leashes, treats, ect… Can anyone recommend a businessman that will drop…

I came across this site: http://www.Kittybeef.com They raise dogs and cats on farms and later slaughter them to sell on the site. It’s disgusting and wrong. I’m all for understanding people’s cultures, but demonstrably this isn’t cultural when they supply fun jerky named “Puppy Beef” and…

Am I a fruitless pet owner?
I really like animals, including my own. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. You can call me good-for-nothing (which is what I think I am), but I just don’t really care just about there health. I don’t hate them, I purely let my…

Am I a moment ago trading my rats surrounded by for a ferret?
My rats (3 of them0 bit my 1 1/2 year old daughter hard enough for her to bleed so I am going to win rid of them, But I really wanted a ferret again so i was thinking after they are gone i would get 2-3 ferret…

Am i in place to be an equine vet?
I live in a equestrian community and know i want to be a vet… how do i know if ill be okay beside equine veterinarian studies because that is what is offered at the local high school??

Am I primed to find a horse? I enjoy be riding for 6 years.?
I have been riding for 6 years and I love horses. My parents know this and I am they both know the cost. I dont know what to say impose I really want one and they won’t beleive I will take care of it or I will…

Am I required to return a pet whether I find out it is microchipped?
I took in a stray cat several years ago and had a checkup and shots done at the vet. We told the vet that it was a stray that have shown up in our garage. She had been spayed previously so I’m certain someone cared about her…

Am I the individual character who doesn’t permit my pets sleep contained by bed beside them?
I love my pets dearly and they are like members of m family, but I would NEVER permit them sleep in bed with me. Am I the only one who feel this way?

Am I the merely one who doesn’t if truth be told thought roughly animal conducting tests?
I mean, I know it’s weird, because I do love animals- I work in a pet shop- and I love my animals, but I still can’t find myself getting stimulating or wound up about any sort of animal testing; in certainty, I think medical testing is a…

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